Traditional Readings & Health Consultations

I would like to thank all who pass through this way. I appreciate your support on the channel; your friendship on various social platforms, as well as your trust in me to read for you. It takes courage to step outside of the “norm”– the social mores that have been placed upon us; societies expectations. If you have been feeling doubtful about your identity, if you have lost faith in the things you once knew, if you are unsure of your life’s purpose, your love life, financial status, health, family relations; if you would like to know the status of your deceased loved ones, would you like to communicate with your deceased loved ones; what ever situation it may be, I can take a look for you using traditional divination. I thank you once again! All proceeds go towards my continual spiritual studies on the continent in 2019.

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With Love,
Diviner & Women’s Healer Society via The Tambo Clan
of the Dangomba (N. Ghana)


Phone Readings and consultations are conducted over the phone with E.S. and are scheduled via Pacific Standard Time (California).
Once the payment has processed, an email with a number, date and time will be sent to you within 1-3 days for confirmation. Please check your spam box. If you are using an email address that’s different than the one you used to purchase, please be mindful that my message may not reach you. If for any reason it doesn’t, email me at with your receipt so that you will be scheduled, unless it is “moon time” after which we will reconvene.

Much love, time and energy is given into each reading. If you do not call or pick up during the time that you were scheduled, your reading and donation will be forfeited. Please call in during your designated time. The schedules are set as the schedule permits with no refunds. Please respect the schedule. I am very particular about this. Do not miss out of the spiritual insight given to us through these readings. Much love and blessing to you and your family. E.S. 💚

*Seven days out of each month (Lunar Time), no readings are conducted. Once the seven days is complete, the readings will commence.

*All readings are private and only shared with the purchaser.