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Day 50

I’ve been receiving a ton of breakthroughs. All have been challenging but informative. There are many things I’d like to share but I will wait until I am finished to talk about them. My body is teaching me a lot and I’m looking forward to completing this fast. So many updates are occurring. I’m even realizing that this here website may have to take a back seat as in next year, it may be discontinued. The fees to operate it is too expensive and the finances are not feeling it. They (Godaddy) swiped me for $100 yesterday. I will still have Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Patreon and Facebook.

Day 41

We’re making progress. The 41st day has arrived and I’m feeling…hmm…how am I feeling? I’m feeling okay. I can imagine if there weren’t as many distractions, perhaps I’d have no complaints. Social media is just too damn vast with food porn. Its just too much. I can’t even go out. Energy level seems to be steady. My vision is slowly coming back, yeah my vision, lol We’ll talk about it later. For now, work is over and I’m going to listen to Kem; a glass of wine would be fitting. *Drinks watermelon.