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Day 16 of 90

Okay, I’ve finally gained the courage to share that this juice cleanse will last 90 days. Yes, thats right and it’s looking good. I will not lie, it has its challenges especially dealing with consuming teenagers around. They are ravenous! I’ve noticed that because they see how focused I am, they seem to just want more or maybe my prior wants overshadowed theirs. I don’t know but its getting irritating!! lmbo. Like go sit down and meditate somewhere. lol They’re only capable of laughing at such a statement. I’ve channeled some parts of myself that I did not know were possible to channel. I’m still taking it day by day because when you’re only consuming liquids, you really have no other choice but to take it easy. My personal reminders are keeping me focused. What are you doing this for E? It’s for my health. These choices I’m making will set the stage for the rest of my life so I better make it count. Once I incorporated the raw kale, everything shifted for the better. The inflammation in my lower back decreased therefore, we’re making progress. Unfortunately, I was unable to find an herb vendor. I’m so used to creating my own. It is truly an art. Best place to look may be on facebook.. I do not have a facebook account and I’m going to keep it that way until further notice. Cheers!