Greetings and welcome. This morning, I decided that its time to begin posting again. I was abducted by my spiritual journey and needed time to think over many things. Many of my post were deleted. Ive come to the realization that my journey and desires are different and Im going to own it. My children may some day take up an interest in who their mother was so we’ll begin here. The things I write here may be different or unusual but I can assure you, they will be authentic. It will capture glimpses of what Im feeling regarding my preparation for my departure and the day to day mental and physical tasks of a day time entrepreneur and spiritualists. Thank you for taking this journey with me as I know you too are on your journey to self discovery and wholeness. If no-one has told you that they love you today, I love you. I appreciate all who pass through this way to sup with my words. You have lended your hand towards my healing and I am deeply appreciative. My destination seems so far off but it is truly one of the few things that keeps me going. Peace of mind. It will not be the conclusion of this story. It will be a new beginning. Chat soon.