About E.S.

E. S. is the host of the YouTube channel “University of E.S.”
She is a native Californian. Mother of three, Wind Rider, 16, and twins, Dancing Flame, 15 and Pleasant Rain, 15. E.S enjoys traveling as well as creating herb compounds for medicinal and spiritual purposes. She is an Alkaline Health Consultant, Indigenous Spiritual Liason offering Traditional Readings, Member of the Women’s Healers Society and Kings & Queens of the Earth Society via International Indigenous Development Society (IIKDS), Teacher of Inner/ Outer Spiritual Principles & Development for family economics and self sufficiency, Reiki Practioner, Chakra & Crystal Healing Practioner, Doula (Inactive), Massage Therapist, Alkaline Vegan Cook, Farmer, CEO of E.S & Company LLC.

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