Tanzanian Blogger Fees

Thank you to all who pass through. I was a bit under the weather last week and have been in the process of rebuilding my strength. Update! Never felt better. I’m just about done with Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Small Cleansing Package. I ordered Queen Afua’s 21 Day Cleanse so I’m looking forward to that arrival. Seems like its taking forever. Now on to other news…

I was a bit disappointed last week. I just discovered that Tanzanias government has put a damper on the finances of bloggers in that region. If you didn’t know, TZ was and still is my first choice for relocation. I have friends there and we are all just in awe due to our project plans.

Blogger, vloggers and other online content creators including regular social media viewers, online radios, anything and anyone relating to posting free speech no matter the content in Tanzania now have to pay $930 in license fees per year to the government in order to share content. Thats $77.50 USD per month!!!! Most people in TZ cannot afford this. Who are they attempting to muzzle? It is clear that it is everyone!!!

As part of the country’s new online regulations, the government will “certify” all bloggers and charge an annual fee before they are allowed to start or continue operating online. Well I’ll be!!!! They officially have two weeks to register. How disappointing; even for those who can afford it. Tanzanian authorities reserve the right to deny or revoke the permits for any site that “causes annoyance, threatens harm or evil, encourages or incites crimes” or deemed to threaten national security”. This is quite interesting and takes the joy out of posting freely.

Tanzania’s new online regulations, the Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2018, gives the government widespread powers to police the web and any individual involved in creating online content in the country. Dayumm.

In order to get licensed, online content creators need to provide documentation that cites the financial details of their organisation, any directors and stakeholders involved, projected revenue and future plans for growth. They also have to provide a list of names of the viewers or commenters?? LMAO. Fascinating.

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