Day 25 – Raw Alkaline Vegan

Yesterday, we experienced flash flooding in the AV. A day before that, I felt it in my back. I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back although I’ve been consuming onli living foods. This has added to my list of things to overcome. I’m seriously feeling overwhelmed and beginning to not enjoy my work. By me expand, I’m really beginning to see how alone I truly am minus the spirits. My daughter has just come to be with me. My life consist of a strict patterned regiment that she will have to get used too. She’ll do fine. I’ve I rolled her in Dr. Boyce Watkins ” Tomorrow’s Millonaire” class for children as well as online schooling via California Virtual Academies. She doesn’t want to go to the local school so that was the best that I can do for her until we find a new home.
I recently uploaded a video sharing with the world my need for assistance, I rec vied a response from a local sister who will help me with advertising my new natural workshops (E.S. & COMPANY, LOCS & NATURAL HAIR LOUNGE). I have maxed out all funds regarding the new shop so her offer is a blessing. The first shop is covering everything right so things are very tight. I’m really hoping to get enough money to find a home that’s conducive for what needs to be done with regards to the gardening as well. Overall, I’m in pain but I am hopeful. Lately, I’ve been wanting to give, sell everything and move to GA and do YouTube full time because I feel stuck and as if I’ve been losing out when it comes to social media. I’ve had two brothers reach out to me to offer insight as to how to handle my channel so that I can bring in more revenue. It is overwhelmingly due to fact that most people do it full time. I will do my best.

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