Moving Foward

Finally we’re making progress. Things have been discombobulated as of late but I’m finding my stride again. After moving forward from my cyber relationship, I’ve come to the realization that I am loved regardless. I’m loved in a way that cannot be touched by man. I’m on the upward spiral. I’m feeling high and alive. I trust my ancestors in this conceit. I cannot be touched, at least not in an abusive way. Many have come my way to take but have not what it takes to water and or cultivate. It’s okay and I will remain consistent with loving me. I am who I have been waiting for and if there ever comes a time where luck finds me in love, that person will know just what to do. Consistency is the name of the game in matters of love, and business. During this new mom, I have received new insight and I am grateful. I will continue to master the mundane. I am grateful for my advisors who were just passing through. I will strengthen the weakest parts of who I am without reservation. I will go it alone. My spiritual entourage loves me and will never hurt me unlike people. People will try to hurt you because they have not honored or aligned themselves. If they are in the process, let them be. I’m staying focused on my ultimate goal and that is the goal of freedom. Ase! 💚

About Empress

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