My apologies for the delay family. I’m currently under another ceremony to enhance my spiritual abilities under the Chief. So much has transpired within the past few months. I got married (our way), I received the keys to a new facility to expand my shop, I opened an etsy store, I cut my finger so deep on accident to where I needed 5 stitches, all while still attempting to do readings, alkaline consultations, post YouTube videos, and make purchases and hire handy help for the shop. As I write this, it makes me very emotional because every move that I make is to someday be free from the bondage I’m currently dealing with. I try to stay positive at all times. My desire to leave this country fails my heart at times because I have no one to relate to in person. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, now how can this be when you’re married now? Well, the husband conducts business in Senegal so I’m the manager of US affairs and I’m the one that’s stuck. I’ve given myself 2 years to close debts and get everything functioning to the point where everything will run on its own. This is my goal. Will I leave indefinitely, probably not. Too many people rely on me here and I cannot abandoned these business ties.
The ancestors know my heart and all that I’ve desired. I can’t expect those around me to understand thats why I’ve stopped talking about it on YouTube.
I came a across two people in two who are living my dreams. One is in California while the other is in Tanzania. I saw myself in both of these queens. One thing we all have in common….a vision for how we want to live our lives. I’m still bound to listening to my ex husbands wisdom. 860 days.

FYI, I made it up to 15 days on the juice cleanse. I will begin again.
FYI, I no longer offer alkaline health consultations. My schedule just won’t allow it at this time. Sorry fam.

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