The Hidden Truth

I’ve been living off grid to get ahead since October of 2016…….again. I got rid of my $1100 and utilities and traded it in for building rent and have been attempting to expend the business to create personal leverage and capital without a loan. Succes! Slow Succes. The first few months were very difficult. At times I’d wake up on the farm thinking to myself (yes the farm), 😂 what the $&@?!! Why am I putting myself through this? I instantly think about the end result; the goal. I have goals that scare me but I do believe I can fulfill them when to be quite frank, numerous odds are against me. We’ll get in to that at a later date. Right now, I’m counting my blessings. Although as of late things have not gone my way, I’m always hopefully. I’m determined to create the freedom my soul yearns for. I’m excited, scared, pissed and filled with too many emotions. These emotions are turning me into another kind of beast. I’m focused. My ancestors are leading the way. It hurts. It’s uncomfortable. I never really liked climbing mountains but it’s necessary. This sacrifice will pay off some day.

About Empress

Empress Shah Business Owner Entrepreneur Teacher/ Student Paleo Hebrew / Numerical Conceptual Teachings Youtuber - Song Writer/ Vocalist (Hobby) Facebook, E.S. Mende Gifts: Diviner, Spiritual Liaison, Speaker, Born Philosopher, Songwriter, Singer, Touch Therapist (Massage/ Reiki/ Energy), Doula, Traveler...

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