Recalling The Past

There are many things I wish to write but I’m unsure as to who reads my messages therefore the inner guard has to speak in codes. I am currently under another initiation via IIKDS. This morning, I woke up from a dream which has had me perplexed for a good part of the day. It wasn’t the first time that I found my self walking through my deceased fathers home. He was not there but his wife’s family were. As I walked through each room, I couldn’t help but notice the filth which had accumulated in the home. My dads wife’s people had polluted it and as I continued to walk through each room, I tried to arrange things and clean up but every time I corrected something the children would turn it upside down. It was useless to clean I thought so I continued to walk. I reached the kitchen where I discovered a man that I used to love. I was very surprised by this. He kept recalling something that I had given him. It resembled a soup or food which I had given him. I said, “It has been so long… You remember that?” He smiled and began to share other things which he left with me. He was totally old news in the dream and reality but the symbolism caught me off guard and had me in deep thought all day.
Yesterday, my phones charging component would no longer take a charge so I took it to be serviced but it would take 2-5 days for the part to arrive. 😒 I’m sure you can imagine the personal hell I’ve been going through. These moments without my phone and this major recall of the past has had me in such deep melodic thought that I had no other way to turn but to the key board.
Visiting my dads home in dreams is not new. It shows me how deeply connected I am to him and how much I truly loved him and wanted him to be well and protected. Now I’m forced to rely upon his guidance via pure thought.
Sometimes, I wonder why my life is so complex, and why I find myself in very amazing circumstances. I agreed to wed my husband from a distance and it has been very trying but he is truly my only ally now. I am grateful. We are both entrepreneurs and I’ve had to learn to be even more self sufficicient until the goals are met. Fine with me. The shop is coming along slowly but surely. There are so many jobs and tasks that my head is continuously spinning. All of the struggle is so that I can retire at 40. But y’all don’t hear me though. Counting down.

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