Another Initiation

As of late, I haven’t been able to press record. The busyness took its toll and I’ve chosen to take it easy. At times I have to remind myself of what an amazing man I’ve married. He stepped in where I fell weak. I almost didn’t want to alow him to be the shoulder but he definitely is. Being single for so long turned me in to the ultra independent one where help no longer becomes wanted even when you need it. My husbands comfort has given me some time to think things through. I do believe that I’m changing yet again. I’m forced to look at some things that have troubled me throughout the years which in the same breath have strengthened me. That I can admit.
I wanted to post a video about detoxing but I’m afraid I need time for my inner circle. The foundation of my life I’m afraid does not include YouTube at the moment. There’s a lot that I wish I could share with regards to the indigenous practices but it is ancient and will always remain a secret unless the ancestors graft you in to a particular calling. I’ll be back. Rigt now, I’m focused on the shops and doing readings for the communities. Thanks to Chief, I just leveled up.

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