In other news…30-60-90 Day Juice Cleanse

Today makes day 2 of my 30-60-90 Juice Cleanse. Besides adjusting to the avoidance of food, I feel great. My lower back bothered me all day but hopefully I can tackle this by shedding more pounds and focusing on light strength training.
Today, I also felt the pressure and desire to visit the mother continent after watching Zoh TVs lastest episode titled Sankofa (Ep. 1-2). I experienced feelings of longing as if I’ve experienced it before. Videos like that really keep me inspired and focused. I’m looking forward to the rest of what this cleanse may bring.

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  1. E.S. Ive been following you for at least 6 months. Learned a lot and love but that Napol
    Ju ice I don’t think I can quite stomach that One!
    Peace and Blessings
    Love you Sister!

  2. I am A subscriber and I love what you do. The video of the love letter was (mean) because of the lack of love in that person’s heart who wrote it and said those things about herself , ( thou she does not know it)she created it and she owns it so let her keep, it shall return to her anyway . Maybe she is ill , as most of US R. Peace and love ❤️ is yours .
    I, too am sick and following Dr. Sebi and need help outside of the traditional way for the same reason as you, lack of trust.
    Thanks , for what U do, Blessings.

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