I woke up this morning visualizing my future. I intentionally focused much of my energy towards what I’d like to achieve within the next two and a half years. I felt myself becoming one with all of my ideas even if they have been warped. So many sacrifices are needed. I am grateful for the opportunity to have vision. There is more out there and I’m going to find it. Will everything be perfect and convenient in the process? Not in the least, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is for the living.

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Empress Shah Business Owner Entrepreneur Teacher/ Student Paleo Hebrew / Numerical Conceptual Teachings Youtuber - Youtube.com/elshahbey Song Writer/ Vocalist SoundCloud.com/e-shah (Hobby) Facebook, E.S. Mende Gifts: Diviner, Spiritual Liaison, Speaker, Born Philosopher, Songwriter, Singer, Touch Therapist (Massage/ Reiki/ Energy), Doula, Traveler...

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