2016 Reflection

Im looking back on the year 2016, and wow what a year! It all began wi that remarkable birthday ready on December 20, 2015. That the day everything changed for the better. Was it easy? Heck no but the number of spiritual and physical adjustments surpassed everything I could possibly image. It’s almost as if my guides decided to gift me with a year view of their abilities. Becoming a student of Africa has allowed me to explore mountain, woods, rivers, and all sorts of nature based environments. I’ve watched even my own negative impulses get restrained an pulverized. I am still me but much more contained and I feel whole.
On Monday, I will set sail towards another journey in to nature. I will climb the same mountain I climbed last year except this time, I’ll work smarter. I climbed it head on last time but my heart was sincere and luckily I made it out alive. This time, I’ll drive father up and cut corners. Lol I’m looking forward to the many opportunities and learnings I’ll encounter with my continual studies. The ancestors have been with me every step of the way. With my teachings and delivery towards those who seek aide with spirituality and health, I’ve never tried to come off as if I am better than. I too am a fellow student of everything. I have feelings and concerns about myself and humanity just like the next person. My writings may at times seem more geared towards self but not life isn’t too separated from yours. We may walk different paths but the desire to heal, the desire to help is all the same. I am human an perfectly flawed but I own up to my responsibilities and will continue to do so as I develop in life. It has been a long time coming but I have finally arrived. Love you. 💚

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