Belinda = Beautiful Serpent via Natu Mass

It’s interesting how by association, we can become stuck in patterns; wondering why things do not change. I’ve been observing the snake which I’ve feared most of my life. It’s symbology is quite profound in matters of change. It’s primordial life force is overwhelmingly masculine and feminine. Other symbols are transposed by water and fire; sun and moon. The spiraling serpent is dual in nature yet appears isolated. A very cunning yet nurturing component that cycles and maneuvers with patience via the alternating currents of paternal and maternal instincts. They are protective and hidden yet exceptionally aware and when you’re least expecting, can strike and saturate your entire essence to see things their way unto renewal…and so much more. 💚

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  1. I did not read any of the articles posted, u did however listen to your video. And the void of connectedness resignated within me. I too have been on a journey to find my purpose and where I fit in the scope of my creation. What if I could prove to you that we have history and it does not start in Africa in the way in which you think? What if I can prove to you historically that our bloodline, that of the negro people, has been hidden and there has been mass attempts to erase our history? I offer you only historical truth if you are willing to listen. I can be reached at if you are interested. I look forward to enducing your awakening until then, be blessed.

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