A One Woman Show

I don’t know if it’s that I make what I do look easy or what. I’m not sure if anyone, including my family, really understands the level of responsibility that I’m forced to deal with on a daily basis. I offer various components of acquired skills to the public. I choose not to discuss the Locs & Natural Hair Studio via my personal YouTube Channel because it drains me just thinking about it. I am not complaining which reminds me; I need to update that website soon. Yes I build and operate all websites and social media platforms. So, yea, I would prefer to keep my channel dedicated to me. Lol Everything doesn’t have to be about business but outside of recording, I pretty much stay clocked in. I offer everything which pertains to natural haircare coupled with the creation of my own in-store made products serving over 600 rotating customers and growing. I’ll leave it at that. Sometimes. I feel like I’m full speed ahead but still not getting anywhere. Most likely because I’m doing work for for a few.
Just recently, I’ve added the traditional spiritual readings which will be another heavy hitter because we’re offering solutions to the online and local blooming spiritual community. I’ve also added Health Consulting to the list for those interested in receiving a one on one chat about the different options that are available for alkaline living. Many, we’re talking hundreds of people have requested information and are looking for custom made options. I do not mind helping but in order to boss me around, you have to pay the lady. 😊 I’m good at what I do with all things offered but please honor my time and energy and I will gladly be of service. 💚 This is just a brief update and I continue to fine tune all online business components until my partner arrives. Won’t be holding my breath. But I’m hopeful.
P.S. Everything that I do is to bring me closer to MAMA and that’s a fact.

About Empress

Empress Shah Business Owner Entrepreneur Teacher/ Student Paleo Hebrew / Numerical Conceptual Teachings Youtuber - Youtube.com/elshahbey Song Writer/ Vocalist SoundCloud.com/e-shah (Hobby) Facebook, E.S. Mende Gifts: Diviner, Spiritual Liaison, Speaker, Born Philosopher, Songwriter, Singer, Touch Therapist (Massage/ Reiki/ Energy), Doula, Traveler...


  1. Peace unto you my sister.
    I stumbled on your channel this past weekend. And I vibe with you.
    I’m here in Dallas Texas.

  2. Good day Queen…just wanted to say that you are truly a blessing to the mind body &soul..it would be a perfect universe with mind and spirit as yourself…wish all women were like you. ..it takes a true woman of the creator to embrace the black man…especially the condition that we have been in ..your appearance. .voice tone..and intel is beauty in its rarest form…I feel blessed just to have seen you. …keep up the good deeds. .and remember yesterday is history . Tomorrow is a mystery..but today is the present day. …that’s why it’s a gift to us…so we must make the best of every moment.

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