The Death Card

Metaphorically speaking, I’ve died a million times. My words will find a limitations today. The way I feel is indescribable but I will do my best. This morning, I couldn’t gather whether or not I’m feeling emotional due to my cycle approaching, my recent spiritual awakening via IIKDS, my age or the joy of finding my future spouse…I’m overwhelmed by hope and love. I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities of what living truly means. I was already riding the 528hZ for personal upliftment but what I’m feeling now is an act of ancestral phenomena. I’m freightend. Im so very frightened by authentic indigenous healing principles which have been here for centuries but hidden from the oppressed mind but have proven to be the remedy for the lost ones. How did I find my authentic self? Why am I scared of her? To think, it all began with Dr. Sebi.

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