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Hello, and welcome to another exciting shift. Ive been away attempting to figure out what exactly happened to me in the last year. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t write for several months. The universe was preparing me to have several seats. I’m reflecting on the decisions Ive made which stunted my own personal growth. I’m able to grasp the ideas more eloquently; well at least I’d like to think so. I will not bore you with the dramatic details of a fraudulent relationship, financial loss and numerous other sporadic losses. I’m aware now and all nonsense has come to a blatant halt. I’ve buried the lessons and am now reflecting on the possibilities. Yes, I’ve made mistakes; plenty, but my heart is gold. I’ve given and given and given until I couldn’t give anymore and even with that which I lacked I still gave until the universe made it plain. You are not protected. I gave blindly to others because that’s what I was taught to do; to give to those whom we knew would never give back. It’s not because they couldn’t, it was because they wouldn’t. I was not protected. My positions was not sealed. I was unsure of myself and the circumstances. The pattern of abuse continued until I changed the dynamic by believing in myself. The truth looked me in the eye but I turned the other way. I took pleasure in denial because I loved pain. We are collectively lost and imbalanced. Our rituals are not complete. Our ancestors do not speak. After receiving too many empty tarot readings, I decided to halt all empty activities and seek advance spiritual insight from Chief Amachi Apetor Buaru, founder of (IIKDS) INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY.

Welcome to my new perspective.

I am fully activated and aware of the necessity to honor our ancestors. The difference between me and others is I wouldn’t speak with them until I understood what was taking place. They have been reaching for me but I wouldn’t reach back because it was too new of a concept for my brain. I don’t fancy fantasies. It was like a fantasy to me. Almost as if I was speaking with imaginary friends. I needed evidence and the evidence eventually displayed itself very clearly.
Prior to this inclination, my eyes failed me each time I gazed at the star clusters. My heart failed in that which I thought was love. My cup was too flooded with perspectives pertaining to celestial insight and limited activities. I ignored earth for sky. But how could I have what is above without mastering what is below? OMG…. My blues are gone! I haD found the remedy. I am here not there, duh!! My balance WOULD NEVER BE RESTORED VIA A MAN. MY PROTECTION WOULD NOT COME VIA A MAN. BUT BY ME AND MY ATTENTIVENESS TO THE NECESSITY OF CLEARING ANCESTRAL BLOCKAGES WHICH HAS STUNTED MY FAMILIES PRODUCTIVITY AND LEGACY!
The ancestors know that one of my concerns has been to have a worthy companion but being that I occupy a certain level of insight, he cannot be just any kind of man, so I rest the one who is aware and in his proper position in my future to bring to present in due season. In the meantime, I reach for protection. I am very pleased with moving forward into my studies as a student of IIKDS.

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