Night of the Fifth Bath

After packing my dried cherries and walnuts, the vendor says, “Have a good night Shah.” 😐 Did I ever tell that man my name? I couldn’t help but look back at him as if he was crazy as he continued to help other customers. This was just an example of spirits letting me know that their around.

I arrived home shortly after to listen to IIKD’s teleconference for their upcoming courses. Once again, I was blown away by the level and insight of the teacher. I truly hope that I’ll revive some money in time. These personal ceremonies I’ve been undergoing have been quite impressive towards the mission of cleansing some ancestral lineage baggage. At first, I was not interested in helping anyone but myself but it appears as though I don’t have much of a choice. The heart is naturally concerned for humanity. Spirits have assisted me; assisting others may be the repayment. I have no qualms. I’ve had to force myself out of isolation via the recommendation of the Chief. I feared the energies and diverse unknown spirits but now that I’ve gone outside, it’s as if life has come alive. I wish I could put into words my amazement of this apparent unexpected rebirth. I hope to dream tonight.

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