Morning. Of. The. Third. Bath.

Dad was an amazing man in my eyes although he gave everything to his wife,(not mom), as he should? He followed me after he transitioned/passed; I perceived due to a series of regret. He knew to do better for my elder siblings and I but he did not. I assured him that I loved him so much that he had to let it go because I couldn’t bear him following me to work and scaring my customers, lol…That is another entry in itself. I finally mustered up enough energy and determination set aside time to speak words of transformation for him which I learned from years of conceptual/ numerical studies of ancient Paleo Hebrew/Kennon via, just in case he was stuck in this realm for no other reason but the reasons of hurt or memories which patterned life experiences. I just couldn’t bear dad being stuck when I knew exactly what to do. I was always the bully of our relationship as in he encouraged my natural ability to be firey and passionate regarding any pertinent matter; he never oppressed me in any way; only absolute love and encouragement. To come to me was a high honor in itself so therefore he left me with everything. The conceptual sayings and words of transition worked and the path was cleared. I pulled cards to see if the transition was a success and it was. The energy felt from my paternal lineage is at ease. I am assisted and have been for a very long time from strong masculine energy even before dad passed, so when he did, it’s almost as though he came straight to me. We released any feelings of pain, sorrow of remorse together. Daddy’s lineage is of royalty. Period. Point. Blank and they led me to IIKDS to learn when I thought I had master because of the great “download”. I had the cosmos figured out but not the earth. My mothers lineage is of a spiritual or magical ones, naturally. The maternal line is more powerful and always was but endured the most harm during their journeys. The acknowledgement of times passed and the correction needed to align oneself to their proper position is a magnificent journey in itself. This is my journey. It all began when I was just a child, observing. The quiet observer who was left to herself quite often but it only refined my leadership skills. I’m buzzing with renewed faith in myself, in nature, and in people but only because of the medicine that has been prescribed for me. Some of you may think this is a game. It’s cool ya know. This is my walk and expressed from the capacity of my level of viewing. I’m writing in such a way that is mindful of the sacred principles and personal encounters which are protected. I do hope that the rhythm in the ways I express are free flowing enough to show you that indigenous systems of healing is real. I am bathing in instruction now. I’ll never be who I once was again. Great rising. Morning of the 3rd Bath.

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  1. INfinite Alkhemist

    Again, I sigh. I know you’ve heard my story a ca’gillion times about my dad showing up on my face like 12 years ago. That was the TRUE beginning of my KNOWING…..Wow! Around the same age you are, now. 2 years short, I think. Anyhoo,,,,,,,I did a pull as well on my dad and I, and why he wasn’t much a part of my life. He too was a ((((((VERY)))))) MYSTICAL MAN. VERY MYSTERIOUS, though my mom used to scoff at the FACT that people as well as he himself called him Jesus. Yet, he was also a pimp! (LITERALLY) Yes. Go figure. Anyhoo, AGAIN (lol),,,,,,What the card shared for me was that his life was cut short (for he transitioned around the age I AM NOW) which as I’m typing this is something to think about. But, he left this realm early and wasn’t in my life much because I was only to come thru his seed in order to carry the vibrations that he does. So that I may complete what he started in fairness. He was a pimp but his light was BRIGHT! Hmmmmnnnnh…..I’m thinkin’ I need one of them baths. : /……Ttyl.

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