I received two really fascinating dreams early this morning. They both put a lot in perspective for me as far as moving forward into my indigenous studies without fear and the other dream pertained to business. I’ve never experienced so many dreams in my life with almost absolute recall. I’m not sure what was going on prior to tuning into my ancestors and current spiritual work but I was not remembering my dreams whatsoever. Chief affirmed immediately during our first meeting that I’d experience numerous dreams but I had no clue it would be on this level. The insight I’m receiving pertains to me and the decisions I’ve made, decisions to make and/or observation of potential threats… Yes threats. It’s almost as if you get the clues during real time but we make excuses up to cover what is evident. In my case I saw the evidence and got yelled at in my dream for ignoring the obvious. Yes, it gets deep. I need this edification from the spirit guides to help me to trust my own intuition at all times. I woke up very early and was unsure about going out but I pushed myself to trust that everything would be fine. I only lasted 20 minutes on the treadmill at the gym. I did run home. I made some veggie tacos using quinoa and avacodo and decided to jot down some a.m. thoughts. Things are lining up in a structured manner which was needed for this very random Sagittarius rising.

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  1. Hello Empressshah, hope ur in fine spirits.
    2day was my 1’st time checking ur vid/blog I was only researching Black Seed Oil natural 100% by:Farhat – the 1-I bought in store it said free from Artificial Chemicals ? Hum?
    Still not sure if it’s Halal/Kosher / Raw untouched by chemical processes but; I’ll try this 1 till it’s gone & I learn more thru research on myself lol
    Anyways I was laughing my butt’ off about ur encounter w/feisty Nigerian lady in ur venue 😂 But: I also feel as u do from that perspective
    Anyways just wanted to say I’ll watch all ur link videos ect see what it’s all about
    And pass u feed back if wanted .
    My name is Jayson
    I’m originally from USA {LasVegas} I know live in the U.K. Ive traveled numerous places in the world but semi settled into uk life work ect.
    My Email is jayson702@hotmail.co.uk

    Anyway ur post made me smile & think
    Take Care Stay Positive & Never Let The “Negaton’s” spoil ur flow’ I feel ya’

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