To Support A Black Business – A Perspective

Supporting a black business goes way beyond the purchase of an item you may not need. The great hope of social media has allowed for many to share what it is that they like or don’t like. Unfortunately for black businesses, far too many spectators are quick to disagree, adopting a euro sense of entitlement, and leave negative reviews without giving the business a fair chance.
When we compare the trust factors of businesses created by Europeans vs those of African descent, we’re faced with the harsh reality that ancestral propaganda plays a major role in how we view black businesses. We have been groomed to immediately assume that blacks are not great at business. From the view of a European mindset, I repeat, “the European mindset” which surpasses skin color, that may be in fact the case but, if we delve prior to enslavement and the colonization of the indigenous mind, African tribes and nations were envied for their exceptional inherited business practices which surpassed that of its predecessor.
The mind of the African/ indigenous by nature is not that of the European mind. The African mind was forced to adapt and has struggled with finding a place within the science of European business practices. Not to say that blacks have the inability to perform great customer service along with trade expertise, I’m only saying that it has been a snowy uphill slope to compete with those whom deliberately prevented blacks from excelling economically. Black Wall Street anyone?
Moral of the story, you do not have to buy anything to support a black business. Inquire about the business, solicit, share, sharpen your brethren that they can refine their practices to be of better service to you. Because at the end of the day, it is about you and your relationship with the business. They should not be dissolved on a sudden. We criticize the smallest things and will attempt to overlook our own not understanding that to do such only cripples ones own future economic power.

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