Dear cyber diary,

I feel lonely at times although I’m around people everyday. There’s no family substance. There’s no conscious connection. We’re overworked, overs hook and miseducated.
I envision self sustainability, and self sufficiency like the good ol days when we honored a family legacy by recycling our economics no matter what. They’ve plagued our minds with propaganda so that it is a strange thing to support one another.
Our families once nurtured one another. These days, we carry so much on our shoulders to make life easier for the next but do the next even care? The next attends “higher learning institutions” to serve others but not their own.
Everyone’s divided doing their own thing: still serving others that don’t care about their families mainly.
I look forward to the day that I won’t long for home anymore; wherever that is because I know that a black family’s utopia is healing and nourishing to the soul.

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