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I remember when I found my first boyfriend. I was in 9th grade, he was in the 11th. He was a thug type who explored books on the Illuminati and I was dreaming of dancing and visiting Kemet, which today is called Egypt. He was the first person to recognize and call me weird. He only stated it once but at that moment, I knew he had cracked the code, and so did I.

As a child growing up, I was curious about the sky and insects as well as the behaviors of people. Mostly observing how many become complacent when it comes to religion.
Religion taught us that the sun, the trees and all things natural were not to be observed or taken seriously because that was for “pagans”. Well it took me almost 30 years to realize that my origins were that of those ancestors who the “white man” coined pagan. I’m not saying this to divide us by our pigment but the evidence remains that all that our families held dear to them was stolen and/or destroyed to implement a new religion to control the populous but they secretly used the ancestors methods and used them against them while they were forcibly subjected to inorganic/ non universal laws and ways of being.
The colonizers with their religious and economical agendas shut down all faucets of our families connection with nature. Those had to have been miserable times.
To abstain from the healing and energy of the sun, trees and natural formations is suicide. The organic people have always used nature for healing, for family issues, for protection from evil for love, for business to name a few. It was and still quietly remains a part of our lost heritage. But there have come many with the evil eye, evil mouth and opposing essence to life which warped the natural mystery systems to enslave, kill and mangle spiraling life.

I’ve learned so much about myself and others when I released ideas which were forced within my mind. The main ingredient that I had to release in general regardless of what study I chose to delve into was fear. It is not needed here, neither does it hold any weight in a natural space. It is an inorganic thought structure.

When I fled the lies of a cult mentality, it’s as if a world of endless opportunities literally unfolded before me.
As a business owner, I have not had the fortune of having family members join the business but it has giving me time to study herbs and implement them into my life for business. When I knocked, the teachings unfolded with regards to the herbs. I delved into the school of a blend called Crown of Success and was taken by surprise by its ability to enhance my revenue. I have spent a very long time nurturing and working with this blend ad it works. It works so good I’ve constantly had to turn customers away. The blend is so good, I cannot give it away for free. It is a small investment into your personal business goals and operation.

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