Gateway 0 – The Altar

It has been a relatively awesome week. I’ve found many of my sisters. Where did they come from? The spiral I’m sure. We’re trekking this amazing path together. The path of self love. The path of healing through the womb. Diminishing the thoughts of old. Disregarding the thoughts which hindered us from yesterday. We are planting seeds of love and hope and speaking from that plane.
This is the second week of observation of my inner altar while finding adjustment within Gateway 0. I was taught via occult studies that my universal altar was to be designed inwardly using the anatomy of paleo Hebrew conceptual numerical calculations which is my foundation but to actually give thanks physically is a subtle yet beautiful reminder of how far I’ve come and how much was lost from the mind of the American slave; let alone the offspring. This has been my greatest dilemma; balance of conscious progression and my deepest feelings of social responsibility of lost legacies of the culture I was born into. It is easy for someone of another race to suggest that we should focus our attention only on evolving beyond color but being this color has its hinderances that I cannot pretend do not exist. I’m concerned for the physical, spiritual, economical and genealogical well being of the black family. I often wondered what it would take to be attuned with the ancestors that have watched over us as we’ve progressed within a society that continues to disregard us and our lost heritage via the implementation of only those things which cater to Higher entropy/ lower vibration.
The American people are suffering from grave mental illness and one of the main culprits being that of denial.
Drawing from the well of the days of the ancient ones…I seek understanding of the earths requirements for complete inner and outer success. There has been a deliberate sabotage of the indigenous peoples of the earth but still we hold the keys to ourselves and the universe.
The purpose of my building an altar is to connect with everything. My inner self, my outer self, the ancient families, the businesses, the relationship with my king, the economics, the associations, the animals, the species, the earth, the sun, the elements, the all. I’m learning that, as you give thanks for the care that’s been rendered unto you in your daily assignments in life, by setting something aside for the hidden ones, they’ll always be plenty of resources for the family and friends who pass our way. My altar is new, small and possibly imperfect but it just feels right, with gratitude, thank you for reading.

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